StockTape provides Depot Experience, Instant Reporting and Live Notifications from all Depots where a particular Consignment (Product) is being loaded. 

With our tailored made application, you will be able to create and manage new consignments and assign them to specific Field Representatives at the same or different depots. 

With StockTape, there is no break in our reporting sequence. Using the Web Portal, Field Representatives are able to continue taking instant reports that are being instantly received by the Banks and the Bulk Distribution Oil Companies Involved. 

In instances of creating a new consignment for BDCs and the Banks, an instant sequence of SMS are directly sent to all parties involved and thereby enhancing transparency and effectiveness on the monitoring of the product.

Our tailored made web application handles both conditions of pre-financing and post-financing of monitoring products. 

Why Use This Application

Instant Reporting

With StockTape, reports are instantly and correctly taken with the set constants to give an accurate result.

Instant Accessing of Reports

Whether it is PMS or AGO product, StockTape has the function to put the back-end calculations together for a greater report generating.

Secured Storage of Generated Reports

Reports of StockTape are saved on a secured cloud that can be downloaded and printed at anytime by any Actor involved given he or she has the credentials to access them.

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